Photo Retouch Gallery

Examples of the photo retouching work of Julia van der Wyk. All photos taken with iPhone 14 Pro.

Retouching done:

  • Knockout Background
  • Refine Layer mask
  • Levels color correction for brightness and depth
  • Clean up distracting elements on object

About Artwork Atrium

Artist Julia van der Wyk loves to create with brush and ink, pen and ink, acrylic paint, watercolor and gouache, woodcuts, pencils, pastels and anything that can make a mark. She is a skilled fiber artist with knitting and crochet, and likes to sew as well.

What project should we start next?

“The Artwork Atrium brings together my love of art and sharing my love of art. An open space where I showcase my art classes and workshops.”

Welcome to the Artwork Atrium.